A special biotope

The pictures of the New York subway speak for themselves.

When we first arrived at JFK Airport in New York in 2012, we did not let ourselves be driven by a taxi into the city like many others, but directly dared to jump into real life: we took the subway. The state of the stations, the track systems and even the trains surprised me as much as they fascinated me. The technology has partly been decayed for many decades. Delays and cancellations are normal, especially on weekends. We got stuck on Euclid Avenue, somewhere deep in Brooklyn. Nothing worked anymore, no one knew. From time to time incomprehensible announcements from the speakers of the station. Until the train suddenly continued after a good half hour.

But the charm of the facilities immediately makes the heart of the inclined passenger beat faster. I was particularly impressed by the announcement on the train just before the doors to be closed: “Stand clear to the closing doors, please!”

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