We travel by train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya, especially to see the ancient temples there, of which our daughter has spoken enthusiastically.
Immediately after our arrival at our homestay, we are informed by the friendly operator that we can take a boat trip around the city in the evening, where we can not only admire the life on the water, but also visit numerous temples built directly on the river banks. We accept the favorable offer without hesitation and experience a really exciting and extremely romantic boat tour.
The temples are otherwise widely distributed in a fairly large area, which is freely accessible. To get there, renting bicycles is a good idea. Our homestay even provides them to us free of charge. The left-hand traffic presents us as cyclists with significantly fewer challenges than if we had to steer cars there.

And the temples – are simply breathtaking! I hope the pictures give a reasonable impression of them. I also think, even after seeing the temples of Bagan in Myanmar, that I would love to return to Ayutthaya a second time!

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