We travel by train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya, actually just to have a look at the ancient temples our daughter talked about enthusiastically.
The train ride is the first adventure that we will not forget so quickly. Because in Thai trains it is “somewhat” more alive than in European ones. Just by the many flying merchants who provide catering.
And in Ayuttahya itself, it is by no means only the temples that are attractive, but also the vibrant life of the modern city. Architecturally, it has nothing special to offer, but it is beautifully situated on the Chao Phraya (on which Bangkok also lies) and is also circled by a tributary.
For me, the highlight is the market, which, as is common in Southeast Asia, is almost entirely indoors. What you get to see and smell there is what explicitly helped establish my special affinity for this part of the world.

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