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As a child I was fascinated by the daily scum and the particular surge of the city, when I was dragged by my grandmother’s hand through the gray, brewery-smelling and noisy streets of my hometown.
My earliest memories of train stations also date back to that time. All that was much more scaring than fascinating to me.
Today, I find myself repeatedly trying to revive these memories and impressions: in pictures I have taken in cities over the past few years. Maybe because a red thread needs to be sought that leads from New York to Hanoi, over Berlin and Leipzig, via Prague and Nicosia to Paris and, above all, Istanbul.
Not to mention the detour from Hannover-Linden to Rangoon.

The main focus of my photographs are the real sides of life, which often can be rough and dark. But life is not only Döner and Disco. When strolling through urban surroundings, I also pay a lot of attention to the streetlife.

You can’t get a real sense of a city taking a sightseeing tour in a tourist bus. You need time, repetition, closeness and contact with people, a sharpened spiritual eye.

And there is this longing for a fulfilled life – the search for a positive utopia.

In this portfolio you find my most important projects of the last 20 years. Have a look on my longterm projects of more than 20 years via the menu link my projects .

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