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Since my childhood, I have been fascinated by the foam of the days and the special hustle and bustle of the city: I still remember being pulled by my grandmother’s hand through the grey, noisy and brewery-smelling streets of my home town.
If this was more frightening than fascinating to me at the time, over the years I grew to have an intense affection for urban life, public transport and architecture.
As if this were not enough, I increasingly found pleasure in the way buildings reveal the relentless yet gracious progression of time.

This is how I came to my favorite genres: Street photography, public transportation and the longer the more: city photography and urban exploration (“UrbEx”, lost places)
I prefer the rough edges in the cities. So-called sights don’t really interest me.
I am always looking for the beauty in the banal, also in aging and decay.

In this portfolio you find some of my favorite pictures and my most important projects of the last years.

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